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#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #48 (November 2019)

What's trending in tech? From the big boys to tiny startup, we talk about the best and sometimes the worst tech trends. Let's get started with the latest and most important technology headlines that transpired this week. From Twitter trying to delete  inactive users to free up space to leaks about what the galaxy fold 2 has to offer and a certain someone trying to fix the internet.  Stay tuned for insightful analysis and commentary.

#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #48 (November 2019)

Twitter has started sending out emails to owners of inactive accounts for six months, in an effort to free their space and free up usernames. This is a warning to inactive users about the danger of their accounts being junked. But as long as you stay active you should be safe. This is not an unusual activity for social media platforms. Yahoo did an account clean up back in 2013.


Google Stadia just came out a few days ago, what we all have been waiting for is finally here, will the impressions of Google Stadia be able to kick off console and pc gaming of the table?. From the first impressions, Google Stadia doesn't agree with enterprise internet networks. As a result, you can't use your chrome cast ultra to just play games on any internet service network. Here's more...

3. Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee unveils a plan to fix the internet
The power of the web may have been stolen or lost its decentralized authority. Collectively, we gave it away with every signed user agreement and intimate moment shared with this technology. With FacebookGoogle and Amazon monopolizing everything we do online. From what we buy to the news we read and who we follow or like. In the background is a handful of government agencies that are able to monitor, spy and manipulate our virtual selves in unimaginable ways.

4.The Galaxy Fold two is coming with big changes

So the Samsung Galaxy fold did not have the best ever start. The fold was Samsung's first attempt at implementing folding technology in a unique way. Samsung had to get it right as they needed to convince people to invest in something which isn’t common and one that they are not used to.What does this mean though? It means we are getting the Galaxy Fold two. Yes, Samsung is going to release the second generation under the Fold lineup. Read more...
Security is a very important aspect of technology and therefore companies are always trying to increase and bolster the security in which they provide on their products. Take Apple and its iPhone, one of the major reasons they sell so many devices and are appealing as a brand to so many individuals is because they offer some of the best security you can find on any device today. Due to the sheer significance of providing top-notch security on all devices, companies send millions of dollars in trying to make their devices unpenetrable in order to keep user’s private information well, private. Some companies even go a step further to ensure that whatever they miss or are unable to find themselves still gets brought to their attention and fixed. They do this via bug bounty programs. Read more...

Streaming music digitally has become the most favoured and convenient way of accessing and listening to music and the battle among the music subscription service platforms is very competitive.  But apple has a way of offering subscription through shazam as part of their black friday discounts. You can read more here

Finally, a CEO we can trust ...
Google receives 63,000 searches per second in a day. This means in a year, the company receives 2 trillion searches throughout, 2 million searches per minute, 228 million searches per minute and 5.6 billion per day. Google is light years away from other search engines but Twitter's CEO prefers DuckDuckGo to Google. More here ...

Intel is a company that has dominated for some time when it came to CPUs but that seems like its about to change due to the introduction of some new CPUs by AMD with some being slightly cheaper too. You can read more about it here.

Google is finally adding the ability to manually tag someone in Google Photos, as reported by Android Police. In the past, google photos would automatically recognize faces and sort them out for you which makes things easier but the system isn't perfect and misses on occasion but that can be fixed with the information here

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