Why 'foldable' phones could be the next big thing

Have you ever wished you had the benefits of both a normal smartphone and a tablet without any of the drawbacks? Many tech enthusiasts believe that smartphone innovation will reach its climax when full-screen displays become mainstream, meaning “the reign of the notch” will be over. With smartphone companies like Xiaomi and Vivo showing prototypes of their working under-display camera smartphones, this full-screen display has never been closer to becoming a reality. But one might ask, after that, what next? 

Enter folding phones. It’s an exciting idea to have a smartphone and a tablet all in one, in your pocket not just because it’s cool, but also the functionality it’s provides. Imagine removing a smartphone from your pocket, opening it to form a full-size tablet ready for content consumption like youtube and Netflix, how convenient!! How about a combination of a Samsung galaxy note and an iPad pro? No need to get these two devices separately if you can have it all-in-one and use it as your everyday phone while having the advantages that come with the S-Pen.This will be great for the artist because they can work on the go.

Due to the large screen of the folding phone, users can easily multitask with Samsung showing that you can have up to three apps running at the same time. You could continue watching your youtube video while you reply an email, and while this feature is available on every android smartphone made in the last three years at least, the size of the screen of these devices make the feature unpleasant to use but folding phones will not have this problem and will make you take full advantage of the large screen when unfolded. Gaming is another positive of the folding phone. I am pretty sure playing Asphalt 9 or PUBG on a large AMOLED screen which you can carry everywhere will be awesome.

Despite my excitement, the Samsung galaxy fold has taught that the tech is not perfect just yet and that is fine because it takes a lot of time and effort to develop new technology. Consider how the galaxy note was viewed when first announced by Samsung. Its screen was considered too big but eight(8) years onwards and some of the best selling phones have large screens. We just need to keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day so it’s going to take time but when perfected could offer something truly amazing.
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