Apple is offering 6 months of Apple Music subscription for free through Shazam

A black-Friday deal only for this weekend.

Apple is offering 6 months of Apple Music subscription for free through Shazam
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In December 2017 Apple acquired Shazam, the most popular music detection app with an excess of 1 billion total installs across the App Store on iOS devices and the Google play store on android devices. It was then Apple's seriousness with Music streaming was realized. Any song found on Shazam can be easily purchased iTunes or streamed on Apple music through their more conspicuous buttons as compared to the other services like  Spotify, Deezer where the user needs to tap on the "three dots" to access them since the acquisition.

Shazam song on Apple Music Library, Spotify, Deezer - DE JAY'S BLOG

Streaming music digitally has become the most favoured and convenient way of accessing and listening to music and the battle among the music subscription service platforms is very competitive. Apple Music and Spotify viably lead the race in terms of  the number of subscribers and unsurprisingly, where the battle has gotten so fierce. Earlier this year, Spotify accused Apple of abusing its power over the App Store and Apple responded addressing their claims. Also, Siri could not play songs directly from Spotify until the latest iOS 13 update

All the music subscription services have employed different strategies to get more people to stream music on their respective platforms: Spotify gave out free Google Home Mini's to their premium subscribers, Deezer  and Tidal give at least 3 months of premium subscription but  today, new Apple Music subscribers in the US,UK and Canada will be able to get a free 6-months Apple Music subscription instead of 3 months when they install the Shazam app until after December 2nd.

All you need to do is to is the download the latest version Shazam, if you already have it make sure you have updated the app to the lastest version and then "Shazam" a song. Swipe from left to right or tap on "My Shazam" or "Library" and you should see a promotion for the Limited Time offer in the column of Recent Shazams. Tap on the "try it now" button, read and agree to the terms and confirm. 

Old users who still want this may be required to cancel their subscription first, but will enjoy 3 months instead of 6.

Apple is already offering a huge discount of 50% off the Apple Music subscription if you’re a student in a recognized college or university from any part of the world so in case you are a student but do not qualify since you're out of the listed countries here's how to sign up for the student plan.
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