Does frame and refresh rate actually make a difference in gaming?

Does frame and refresh rate actually make a difference in gaming?
Does frame rate and refresh rate actually make a difference in gaming and will these factors actually make you a better gamer?, Many years pass by tech companies have developed powerful graphic cards to improve gaming as well as monitors with high refresh rates to support the rendering of the graphics processed by graphic cards.

Frames rates are determined by how many pixels are rendered in each frame of your screen thus, the more rendered pixels on your screen the more your frame rate. As a result either making your game look really smooth or look scratchy, The refresh rate of your screen how also determines the response time with respect to your frame rate corresponds to your input. And will these factors of upgrading to a better graphics card and a higher refresh rate make you a better gamer?

Let's see, Linus Tech Tips organized a couple of players to an esports arena to evaluate this, You could check this out here. There were 5 tests made were taken out to actually evaluate if frame rate and refresh rate actually make you a difference at all or are great gamers just great gamers. Imagine you are playing on a graphics card producing 300 frames per second but the refresh rate on your monitor is 60hz, there would be absolutely immersed details produced on the screen but would 60hz be enough for your input to actually render with fast response?. After some time it was proven that the higher your frame rate and refresh rate the lower the latency level and the quicker your monitor renders new information that has been processed in the game. 

This won't make you a better gamer I guess but will definitely give you a precise response to the input you gave. In detail, with lower frame and refresh rates these the following disadvantages are present,  you have got less up to date target information due to the frame being rendered longer, your movement is blurrier due to the transitions when your frame refreshes and you have got a worse speed and trajectory estimation due to that lack of information. These effects can be overcome to a great degree of training but there's definitely going to be a limitation where those training can be applied. 

You can consider getting a better graphics card that could give you above 75 frames per second and a monitor with a refresh rate of 144hz. These factors play a huge role when playing multiplayer games over the internet. As the person with the better hardware will have a much higher advantage. All things being equal will high FPS and refresh rate make you a better gamer? NO.
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