Apple is giving you money to hack them

Are you a hacker? Want to make a few million quid? If your answer to both questions is yes then you’re in luck. Apple is offering up to 1.5 million dollars to anyone who can fully control an iPhone via hacking. Even though Apple has similar projects like the long-standing bug-reporting program for iOS, it was only limited to invited researchers and did not offer nearly as much money. It was also previously limited to iOS but apple is this time extending it to macOS, tvOS, and watchOS as well. Apple is going to make it easy for you, that is if you are a cyber security expert by giving you modified devices which should be easier to hack. 

This project aims to find security flaws and bugs before the devices are rolled out onto the market. This is a great initiative from the company because it ensures that the devices going to market have some of the best security available. This will further strengthen the already robust trust people have in Apple products and give them the assurance that once they buy an Apple device, they have some of the best security systems anyone can offer. The already long-standing iOS bug reporting program has resulted in more than four(4) dozen flaws found since   2016, meaning that it is wise of apple to expand this program to everyone and to their other products as well.

Yet not everyone thinks its all positives as Katie Moussouris, founder and CEO of Luta security brings to light some unintended consequences that this project could result in. She believes that this may be enough motivation to convince “insiders to collude with outsiders”. While true I believe apple is aware of this possibility and will put in place measures to prevent that. So if you have what it takes then get hacking. Submit any bugs you may find here.
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