What does Google Stadia actually have to offer? - Speed tests, frame rate & many more

What does Google Stadia actually have to offer? - Speed tests, frame rate & many more

Google Stadia just came out a few days ago, what we all have been waiting for is finally here, will the impressions of Google Stadia be able to kick off console and pc gaming of the table?. From the first impressions, Google Stadia doesn't agree with enterprise internet networks. As a result, you can't use your chrome cast ultra to just play games on any internet service network. When logged into your game, the browser cuts out to a full screen to give you the gaming experience. And one of the things about streaming on pc is that the resolution caps out to 1080p, another interesting thing is that streaming on 4k resolution caps out to 30 frames per second which is a bit awful, did Stadia lie about this? Well, you still get to enjoy your games at a bit fairly whopping 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution which in my opinion will give a really good gaming experience.

In a test conducted by Life Hacker, Google’s claims seem more or less accurate but come with some caveats for the time being. To demonstrate Stadia’s potential issues in something approaching an organized test, using a little time clocking networking speeds, Stadia was used across many of the compatible devices we find in our homes. It tested using two of the more demanding games from Stadia’s launch lineup, Destiny 2 and Mortal Kombat 11, both with and without additional downloads running.

Test 1: Destiny 2 
Speeds: 91.72Mbps down / 120.66Mbps up 
Status: Excellent (4K) 

Test 2: Destiny 2 while streaming Disney+ on a PC 
Speeds: 77.75Mbps down / 121.07Mbps up 
Status: “Game Might Stop” 

Test 3: Destiny 2 while streaming Netflix on a PC 
Speeds: 84.34Mbps Down / 120.88Mbps Up 
Status: “Good” (1080p)

But come on guys pc gaming will perform much better and give much better gaming experience relatively to Google Stadia(Cloud streaming). Just understand that it wouldn't clean as a modern console or a modern gaming desktop. Depending on your internet you either get amazing graphics or a lot of pixelation. Google Stadia is helping improve gaming, that's fine, but I think there are lots of limitations coming along with it since some games which need high response times will just be a cap on 60fps which wouldn't be the best view in some cases. Latency is a high limitation for Google Stadia, even in a single-player game if you lag because of some internet issue Google Stadia servers still process and send information to your setup so when you actually connected backup, your character will just have travelled forward in time and it's quite jarring in some situations.

You can capture moments with screenshots or screen recording limited to 30 seconds clips with the capture button, and you can view these files in the stadia mobile app. And to play on your smartphone, there is a plastic grip clip holder that connects your phone through a USBC cable that keeps your phone in front of your controller. From the impressions, it looks like just Google Pixel phones will able to play with these controllers. From the look of things, the controller is the basis to which every device is connected for Gaming. Apparently, games look smoother on the phones and in a split second, you could actually change the device you are gaming on, I think cause there is less area to render pixels, and as a result will improve gaming experience based on frames too. And as they promised you to don't have to download games. You could switch from your TV to your phone in case you have got to go on a trip by just simply changing your controller input to your phone. Games trending on stadia now are Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption and many other more, in case you are a fan of any of these franchises you could hop on Google Stadia and check out what they have got.
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