The Galaxy Fold two is coming with big changes

So the Samsung Galaxy fold did not have the best ever start. The fold was Samsung's first attempt at implementing folding technology in a unique way. Samsung had to get it right as they needed to convince people to invest in something which isn’t common and one that they are not used to. But it did not go as planned for Samsung as almost every review unit they sent to reviewers got damaged and proved that in house testing is totally different from real-life situations. This meant that Samsung had to delay the release of the device in order to fix these problems and eventually, they did fix the problems and released the phone. People who thought the device would not sell well due to its earlier struggles were pretty wrong as the fold sold out at a very fast rate. The Galaxy Fold ended up being a huge success in monetary terms despite its huge price tag.

What does this mean though? It means we are getting the Galaxy Fold two. Yes, Samsung is going to release the second generation under the Fold lineup. Unlike the fold one which unfolded to form a tablet, the Fold two is going to follow in the footsteps of the Moto Razr. It is going to clamp shell-type device which will unfold vertically and this orientation gives it some positives over the Fold one. First is the aspect ratio. Most applications are designed to work on vertical displays and therefore the uncommon aspect ratio of the Fold one was a minus.

Another thing to get excited about this device it the material Samsung is going to use. The Fold one has one notable flaw which is the grease in the middle of the screen. But the second generation of this device might not have this problem as reports say Samsung have found a glass solution to this problem. Rumours also suggest that the fold two will come with flagship specs including a 108mp camera sensor. The Razr had mid-range specs so if the reports are true then it immediately makes the Fold two better. Also, the device is going to come with one camera which has a 108mp sensor and is going to be used at both and back and front. If this ends up being the case, then the Fold two along with Samsung's image processing software could become the selfie king when released.  

Looking at the generally positive reaction that the Mota Razr has had, then a Samsung version with high-end specs and a significantly better camera will surely turn heads.

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