PS Plus, PS Now, Xbox Game Pass And Xbox Live Explained!


Gaming is expensive. In the life of the average gamer, he or she (the most attractive trait a girl could have is gaming) tends to spend a significant amount on devices to keep up with the hobby. On top of that, a ton of money is spent on games, and considering how often games are released and how easily your favourite game title can go obsolete upon the release of a new one in few months, it may be worth rethinking your approach to acquiring games. Prime examples are sports franchise games, every single year, a new and seemingly improved series comes out. 

We'll we say seemingly because to be brutally honest the decline of most of these games has been shocking.  

"We're looking at you EA SPORTS, stop making the game about FUT and gambling and about the game we love, football".

10 seconds after FIFA gets released, the lobbies for FUT and Pro Clubs became a desert and that is really the way things work these days. But dear gamer, do not be dismayed because the remedy of excessive expenses presents itself in the form of an expense haha the irony.

Playstation Now

Essentially Playstation Now is a cloud gaming service that gives subscribers the opportunity to "rent" games and download DLC's and other cool stuff for a period. So for a monthly charge of about £10 you are at liberty to pick whichever games are on offer during that month and play them. PS2, PS3, PS4 & PS5 titles are all available and there are over 700 games to choose from so it is safe to say there is no lack of variety. Admittedly, in the early stages of release, it run into a lot of problems, but it is doing great now.

Playstation Now

Playstation Plus

Also worthy of noting is, Playstation Plus which is becoming more or less a necessity, is a service that essentially gives you the chance to play games online for a fee is also a way of saving money on games. FYI the best deal for PS plus is to pay yearly, it works out to be the cheapest. 

But more to the point, every month PS+ users get free games, users are also not obligated to download immediately, so for us the hustlers, with only 500GB storage, all we need to do is save it the library and it is ours forever, neat isn't it.  Also coupled with really good deals on really good games, a good example is Tekken 7, which is going on offer for only £7 and NBA 2K21 which is going for about £20, God of War is going for close to nothing as well, tap in. The steals are around and it will be worth your while to keep your eyes open. 

Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Live

For Xbox users, it is essentially the same service but perhaps an advantage is the fact that some games are playable on PC.

Final thoughts

Let's face it, Covid made a lot of things hard for us, so it's time to cut back on the unnecessary purchases to save for the more important things so here are a few ways to keep having fun on your console while saving a little bit of dough. Also, it would also be a good idea to sell or swap out games you no longer want to help reduce your net spend on games. Stay safe, streets are rugged, my brethren.👊


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