You will soon be able to follow topics on Twitter

The news follows several other features set to roll out in the next updates. Twitter aims to improve user experience by allowing users to moderate the topics to follow on their timeline. The feature is still in testing mode and will allow you to follow your interests alongside your home feed. This new feature will add an extra control on what you want to see for old and new users. You can follow topics including sports teams, celebrities and TV shows. The aim is to further cute down abuse and harassment on the platform.

Again you can temporarily hide news feeds about topics or issues you don't want to see. For example, if you are watching your favourite series and haven't watched the most recent episode, the feature allows you to mute feeds from it. No more spoilers from Twitter! It’s still in a testing mode according to Twitter as the freedom to follow what you want to see nears.

Also in a different test, the company is working (testing on Android) on the way for you to mute your notifications for a duration and should go viral anytime soon. Twitter is working hard to make the platform even more interesting.

Even though a lot of users are still waiting on the edit button. The latest feature will allow you to hide replies like trolls or any inappropriate conversation.

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