#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #8

Welcome to another edition of our weekly exclusive, #Trending10. This week's report features news and trends including HQ Trivia's dramatic death, Android 11, WhatsApp dark mode and Spotify. In case you missed last week's edition here is a recap, to stay up-to-date in tech! Here's this week's edition

#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #8

Spotify is testing a real-time lyrics feature that flashes words to a song across the screen as you listen

Spotify may be your next invaluable karaoke resource. According to multiple reports, some users have noticed a new feature that scrolls real-time lyrics across the app interface as you listen along. The feature, which is currently only being tested on Android devices, was noticed by a user with beta and is only currently available to some users. For now, the feature is being tested in beta on some  Android devices as lyrics can be swiped up and roll across the app as the song plays. Apple previously introduced a real-time feature in September. There's no indication if or when Spotify plans to roll out real-time lyrics on a wider basis,  but it's recent willingness to take its app in new directions should be a sign that more new features are on the way.

Movies Coming To Cinemas February 2020 - February isn't over yet, check out the movies you can see with your date.

WhatsApp dark mode could be on its way to iPhone

Dark mode in apps today have become a necessity as it gives your phone's display a moody hue, but it has been noted that the setting can reduce battery consumption on devices with OLED display. Facebook has started a TestFlight beta program on it's messaging app following a beta update for WhatsApp's Android version. It will allow users to manually swap between display modes or let your phone decide according to MacRumors.

How to toggle Instagram's new Dark Mode on your iPhone or Android

All you have to do is make sure you download the latest version of Instagram and that your iPhone is running iOS 13 and your Android phone is running Android 10. Dark mode on Instagram respects the system-wide dark mode settings on both operating systems, so the second you switch to dark mode in iOS 13 or Android 10, your Instagram app will also switch to dark mode.

Also, we saw the sad, shocking death of HQ Trivia, apps getting booted from Google Play, the 
exciting features of Android 11 and a rumour about opening up iOS further to third-party apps.

Google addresses the Huawei ban and warns customers not to sideload apps like Gmail and YouTube

In the report published on Friday by Google to clarify the current situation with Huawei -  “Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or providing Google’s apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, the Play Store and others for preload or download on these devices,” Tristan Ostrowski, legal director for Android and Google Play, wrote in the post, which was picked up by 9to5Google. More details here

Samsung unveiled its clamshell folding phone last week, I kept seeing the same question pop up amongst my social circles: why? Here's everything you need to know.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note could have a "Waterfall-like" display, patent reveals.

Could we see a “Waterfall-like" kind of display on the next Note device? We will have to wait and see. All recent Samsung non-foldable devices feel similar in terms of specs and design. Making this available only on the Note could give it back that distinction in order to further separate it from the devices under the S series.

A look ahead: movies to expect from Marvel in 2020 and Beyond

From Captain Marvel to Endgame to Homecoming, Marvel has increased their total earnings to 18 billion dollars. And they don't seem to be slowing down. The following are some of the upcoming movies announced and those rumoured to be in the works.

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