iOS 13 Announced, Includes Dark Mode and Many Features!

Apple officially announced the preview of iOS 13 during this year's WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) on the 3rd of June.
Apple announced and previewed the latest version of its native mobile operating system, iOS 13 during this year's edition of the WWDC keynote. This version contains lots of features to be excited about. Here's the good stuff...

Face ID and App Store Optimizations

Have you realized how big apps from the App Store are? Okay, so Apple announced that App Store downloads will be 50% smaller. The download size of updates also significantly reduce by 60% and their overall launch speed will also be twice as fast as before! Face ID, present in the iPhones X, XR, XS & XS Max will also be 30% faster!

Dark Mode Confirmed

The rumours are true! iPhones will now have a true dark mode, officially present in the stock iOS 13! Compatible devices will not need to risk thee security of their devices by jailbreaking in order to get this now!

Improved Sharing & AirPods

The files share sheet is now faster and smarter. It provides you with highly probable recipients across multiple messaging apps depending on what you have installed and of course, very well optimized for iMessage.

That aside, you can share your playing music and videos with your friends via the AirPods. They can listen to them with you on the go. Siri can read you your latest notifications and you can reply with an action or a defined shortcut.

Memoji & Messages

In Messages, you can now share your names and photos more easily, recipients will automatically get your name and picture in contacts, when you start a conversation or when the other person responds in a message. 

Memojis can be now widely customized. You now apply like Makeup, accessories and more. In this update, there is now Memoji Stickers which you can get through the system keyboard to use in other apps as well. Apart from this, Memoji is also coming to all devices that feature an A9 chip or higher.


"What ever happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone" has been preached by Apple lately and to keep up with their promise of protecting user data,  a new way of  signing into apps was introduced. It works the same way as the Facebook & Google options but more easier and gives you more control over your personal info since they will never be shared with the app (including your email) if you do not allow it. This allows login with Face ID & Touch ID.

Photos & Camera

There's now a better way to set the lighting of your photos in Portrait mode. You will be able to move the lights closer or further from your subject. You’ll also get new adjustments for brilliance, highlights, shadows, and other effects. What is more exciting is that these filters and adjustments can be applied on videos to.

The Photos app also got significant upgrade; there's a new way to organize and browse images. Using advanced machine learning, Apple removes duplicates and reduces clutter, intelligently organizing your images to highlight the best of them.

For the features, kindly click here to read (Apple).

Device Compatibilty

For the first time in close to six (6) years (since its release), the iPhone 5S will not support the latest iOS version. iOS 13 is only compatible with iPhones with the A9 chip or later.

How to update?

iOS 13 is currently (at time of writing) not out yet for the public. Only beta testers can get it now. We have provided a simple guide on how to become an iOS Beta tester ; give it a read and enjoy the latest iOS 13.

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