PS Plus free games March 2020 announced!

PS Plus free games March 2020 announced!PS Plus free games March 2020

It's that time of the month again and Sony has revealed the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for March 2020. This month's version is still available for Download until the 2nd of March -- Bioshock: The Collection, The Sims 4 and PS VR shooter Firewall Zero Hour are the games incase you need a recap.

Here's March's pair ...

Shadow of the Colossus

First released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 and later remastered on PS4 in 2018, Shadow of the colossus is one of PlayStation's huge unique games with a most heartbreaking story. Without guidelines, you immediately discover the lady in the cinematic and you must slay 16 colossi, pretty much sounds easy right but each colossus is living a breathing moving puzzle lets say the size of a skyscraper. In slaying these gigantic monsters, you would have to discover a smooth sweet method of breaching their vulnerable spots. Shadow of the Colossus is an all-time great and there is no reason to download it and I hope you love it too

Sonic Forces

The other pair of the free PS Plus games in March is Sonic Forces which coincides the movie. Sonic comes with it's well know the typical story with Dr. Robotnik or Eggman and his allies do battle with Sonic and his friends through 2D style and full 3D levels. Users can now customize their own sonic characters and abilities (powers) including flamethrowers and a new way to travel across a new level.  What is makes it more exciting is that you can play the two versions -- the traditional 2D runner and the modern version with more dynamic 3D camera angles. 

In case you missed, the new Sonic Hedgehog movie was released this month -- here's a list of some of the best movies that were released in February 2020.

There's our fill for this month on the PlayStation Plus. Both titles will be available to download to all PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PS4 from Tuesday, March 3 until Monday, April 6.

Source: PlayStation Blog
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