No android Q: Google re-brands Android, new name, new look!

google's latest android 10

As Google released android Q today, many expected them to continue with their tradition of naming Android versions after desserts like we’ve come to expect but that isn’t the case. Google has decided to do away with itspeculiar naming system in favour of a more simpler and easier to identify designation. They have decided to go with Android 10 instead of something like Quiche or Quesadilla which might sound tasty but also makes for a confusing name. With this new naming system, Google's future releases will be more predictable. I can confidently say Google's next installment of android will be called Android 11 instead of some quirky name, and while this does accomplish the purpose of making it simpler to identify it also takes away the fun of having to guess what dessert the next android is going to be named after.

Google made this change in line with feedback received from the community.”We’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community”, wrote the company. It’s important that the tech giants realized this because Andriod is the most popular and most widely used mobile OS so simplicity is needed to satisfy all users. The android logo has also received an update with the text being changed from green to black to make it easier to read. The text is also now more rounded to make it look more friendly as well as the full-body bug droid robot being replaced with a new android head logo with a softer shade of green. The android head logo is also going to accompany the android logo everywhere as part of the new changes made by Google. This new branding marks the biggest change in design direction since 2014 and is aimed at making the OS look less ‘nerdy’ and more ‘playful’.

With android Q or 10 as it is now called, Google is strongly pushing gesture controls with the beta of the OS showing new gesture navigations to be introduced. Google says devices with large screens can take full advantage of these gesture controls to provide a new, unique and satisfying experience. This is going to work best with their new upcoming device said to launch in October, due to new hardware that can enable the user to use advanced gestures never before seen in a mobile device. More on the pixel 4 in the link. The new OS is also confirmed by google to have foldable phone support, meaning that it’s going to better manage to multitask and switching from one screen to another which is the main draw for foldable devices. Two high profile companies are set to release their foldable phones later this year in Samsung and Huawei and it is more than likely that these devices will launch with Android 10  and all the updates it comes with. Andriod 10 also comes with new security updates as well as improvements  to notifications and the fan fovraite dark theme.

Not everyone is going to enjoy the new navigation system no matter how cool it is and therefore google gives you the choice to revert back a two or three-button system that you’re used to. Not much has changed when it comes to the UI, it looks very identical to android pie in that aspect but with the optimization made to android 10 will surely give a smoother experience.

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