Apple's iPhone Event Projections

Apple's iPhone Event Projections

September 10th is the day Apple will officially announce its iPhone 11 Pro. Is that the only expectation from the event? Apple will roll out new MacBooks, Apple Watch and a new software announced earlier this year. There may be other surprises too, that is something to expect. Here's a summary of what to expect.

1. The new iPhone 11 pro

Apple is expected to announce three new phones. The new designs are quite similar to the previous models, the only difference is the specs boost. It is already confirmed that this year's phones won't have the 5G or an in-display fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone Pro Max and the iPhone 11 would be Apple's newest phones coming Tuesday.

2. iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max - the successors to XS and XS Max

There is no major change in the design apart from the triple camera system that is so obvious. What the third lens would be used for is still unclear now. Let's just say it is an upgrade to offer a higher resolution for pictures and video recording. An upgrade on the Face ID is also expected to add a better finish to the hardware. Apple may introduce the wireless charging feature, which is similar to
Samsung's. The new model will be faster as it is powered by Apple's next-gen A13 processor.

3. iPhone 11 - another budget phone?

This could possibly be called the 11R. The major update here is the camera. From single lens to dual-camera, this is a bump up to its optical zoom capabilities. It will go with the same processor as the others even though it will be less pricier

4. Apple Watch Series 5

Series 5 will be faster and more efficient than before. The processor will be upgraded to an S5 chipset with a new titanium case options from one of the early leaks. There new changes on the way such as a standalone App Store to allow Watch apps to be installed independently.

5. Apple's Tracking Tag

This is powered by a Bluetooth enabled tag that allows you to find lost items. It relies on a local network of hardware to activate the search.

6. Apple Tv hardware upgrade

Every new event means an upgrade - a better processor will be a bump up to Apple TV hardware functionality. The new TV could feature an A12 processor.

7. Software

A new software update will certainly be a piece of big news during the presentation  - iOS 13, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and the HomePod. Read more...

8. MacBook Pro

The company is set to debut a new 16-inch MacBook Pro with a better keyboard. The MacBook might be released on Tuesday but we will get more details on it. Read more...

Apple will live stream September 10 event on YouTube - this will be the first of its kind. Could there be more surprises... stay tuned.
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