Apple is working on a new iPad and a 16-inch Macbook: Release Date, Specs and more Confirmed!

Earlier this year, we started hearing rumours that Apple is working on a 16-inch version of its MacBook Pro. A new report suggest that Apple could launch the new portable PC this October.

What we know

The  new 16-inch model will have a 3072 x 1920 display, an upgrade from their 2880 x 1800 resolution of the 15-inch MacBook pro. It should keep the same pixel quality as its something you would expect from a screen that the company calls Retina.The 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to replace Apple's current 15-inch MacBook Pro or probably sit alongside it as a bumped up choice. The model is predicted to have a similar blueprint to Apple's 15-inch laptop but this time with thinner bezels. This will further allow for a larger screen.

Other models like that 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is expected to be refreshed. The 12-inch MacBook has been ditched for good and the 16-inch MacBook Pro set to replace the 15-inch variant, these three models would represent Apple's complete trio lineup. The price is quite interesting. With the current 15-inch MacBook Pro pegged at $2,399 as the starting price, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro would be slightly higher than its smaller sibling. This is certainly logical since there would be signaficant improvements. Talking about how the new Pro has the option for 32GB RAM, the price tag is around $3,000.

Apple already launched it previous Pro laptops in May 2019, which would give about five months until the speculated October update. This is something the company has done before with the Retina era back in 2013. The MacBook Air was also updated in July and with relatively minor change like  that a bump in October seems plausible.

Could we see it launch with the new 10th-gen Ice Lake processors from Intel? This would mark a dramatic face for the tech giant. Time will tell.

New iPads set to be released in September

Apple is also trying to make its iPad even bigger as the company seeks to add to its five different models in September this year. The current iPad models include the iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad pro and the 12-inch iPad Pro. How these models would be rolled out is unclear although we speculate that it could be a bumped up of the 9.7 inch iPad that was rumoured earlier this year.

If there are going to be new iPad pros, the main changes are likely going to be internal ones with refreshed speed bumps on the cards. The latest model is not that old so will probably be retained for another 12 months.

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