Samsung's upcoming battery will charge in seconds and last for days!

Samsung's new battery tech

All of us at one point or another have been frustrated with our phone’s batteries either because they don’t last long enough or charge fast enough. Lithium-ion has been the standard battery material in phones and elective vehicles since its discovery, but it seems its development has climaxed and it can no longer satisfy our power needs. Several researchers have been looking for the next thing to replace the lithium-ion which is also affordable and can lower the price of smartphones and electric-powered vehicles like the Elon Musk's Tesla. Even though smartphone companies have introduced new technologies like fast charging, wireless charging or even a combination of both, these are often found on high-end devices with not so affordable price tags. And even  if you can afford these high-end devices, it still takes over an hour to fully charge your large 4000mah battery.  But what if we could have a more affordable option which not only lasts longer but also charges way faster? I’d be down for that and am sure you will too.

Samsung about two years ago (at the time of writing)  announced a new battery technology using a new material that could revolutionize the mobile phone industry, and its called graphene ball. With this new material, battery capacity will be increased by 45% without any need to increase the size of the battery. That means Samsung can keep making stylish phones with either a decrease to the thickness or at worst staying the same while increasing the battery capacity by almost 50%.  That’s not all the graphene ball can offer as it also has up to five times faster-charging speeds when compared to the standard lithium-ion battery. With a bit of calculation, I deduced that the galaxy note 10 plus which was released this year will take just 13 minutes to fully charge instead of the  1 hour 5 minutes it takes now. A 45% increase in capacity also means a 6235mAh battery instead of the 4300mAh it has now all without any change in the actual size of the battery, pretty amazing. It is rumored that Samsung could release a device with this technology as early as next year which could be huge for them and for the industry as a whole.

Ok, let's address the elephant in the room, explosions. After the galaxy note debacle in 2016 it's reasonable to be skeptical about Samsung and their batteries but the good news is that this new material cannot explode and is one of the reasons why Samsung took it’s research into it very seriously. So with this technology not only are we getting longer-lasting batteries with insane charging speeds, but we are also getting safer ones as well.
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