Apple *might* skip iOS 13 as the developer beta of iOS 13.1 released

Apple announced iOS 13 with lots of exciting features during this year's WWDC (World Wide Developers' Conference)  in June and have since been releasing beta versions of it for feedback and improvements towards its official release. 

Though iOS 13 hasn't been officially released -- which we believe will be released alongside the next iPhones, the company just seeded the first iOS 13.1 developer beta. This has never happened in the history of iOS releases and this peculiar move by Apple has raised so many questions; the big one:

What will happen to iOS 13?

We're not certain this release is deliberate and not a mistake from Apple and since there hasn't been any official clarification on this yet as stated earlier, we're very confident that iOS 13 will be released together with the next iPhones.


There's no significant difference between the iOS 13.1 beta 1 and the 13.0 but there are a few notes to take. Share ETA is back in the Maps app to enable users to share their estimated time of arrival, there are also new HomeKit icons, volume icons for when adjusting the loudness of Airpods,  and "standard bug fixes and software improvements." according to the release notes.

Photo by @chriswb on Twitter

iOS 13 Beta 9 was the next version we all expected but Apple twisted the plot with the release of iOS 13.1 and all we can do now is patiently wait. The public beta for this version will be out soon but if you still want to try the latest beta version (Beta 8) of iOS 13.0, we have a simple guide on how to install that and future versions, so do check it out!
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