Apple will announce iPhone 11 (Pro) in two weeks: Here's everything we know so far!

The previous Apple event was mostly about 'services', during which new services like the Apple card, News+, TV+ and more were introduced. Although the New Mac Pro and the latest iOS 13 currently in beta were announced at Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference), Apple is yet to officially confirm its next phone.

At this point, we pretty much know how the iPhone 11 is going to look like based on the rumours so far.  There are other features you will find interesting as well. With iPhone 11 pro set to roll out in two weeks, we have decided to curate and summarize important leaks regarding the device,


The front of the device said to have no change in design form when compared to the 2017 and 2018 models. The back of the phone sees a change in design, a significant one at that in terms of the appearance and hardware. Apple has decided to go with a triple camera design instead of a dual one which was present in the iPhone 10s and iPhone 10. The leaked images show a rather unusual design and arrangement of the triple camera setup which split the fan base with some liking it, others hating it and some feeling indifferent about the new design. No matter how you feel about the design it is a breath of fresh air if you are an iPhone fan. This is because you are getting a new design for the first time in a while.

Pencil support

A few reports and speculations have suggested that this year’s iPhone will have Apple pencil support which if true, will be very exciting. Though the specific iPhone that might get this feature has not been revealed, it is safe to say the iPhone 11 max will have it - the iPhone 11 is going to replace the XR. This does not mean Apple will copy Samsung by releasing an iPhone with a dedicated Apple pencil. This move is likely geared at people who already own iPad with a pencil and therefore can take advantage of it. 

Refresh rate

With companies like Razar and Oneplus releasing devices with 120Hz and 90Hz screen refresh rate respectively earlier this year many were hopeful that the iPhone 11 might have a similar screen refresh rate but that is likely not going to be the case. A reputable leaker in Ice Universe indicates that Apple is considering  a switchable 60hz/120hz refresh rate in the iPhone to be released in 2020. With that, we can assume that this year's device is not going to have that, and even the 2020 iPhone might end up not having it. That would have made a huge difference in how responsive and fluid the screen would have been as it is evident on the one plus 7 pro.

Battery & Processor

It's been speculated that Apple will increase the capacity of its battery. The new iPhone is going to have a 3650mAH battery capacity from last year’s 3174mAH in the iPhone 10s max. The new iPhone is also expected to have a new processor dubbed A13. Even though it is still based on the 7nm architecture like last year’s A12, it is still expected to a slightly faster and slighter more power efficient as well. 

5G support system?

Also, all this year’s models of the iPhone are expected to support 5G but we might have to wait till 2020.

Other features to expect

The 3D touch sensors might not be available in the 2019 iPhone, which is according to industry experts. This will surely give Apple more space to work with inside the upcoming device. Expect reverse wireless charging in the new iPhone and while it’s late, it still is a welcome addition. The pro comes off as a less budget option for users, just like how Apple did with the iPhone SE. Every day we know a little more about the iPhone 11 pro even though there hasn't been any official confirmation by the company.

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