#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #45 (2019)

Welcome to the #1 news spot on trending tech from our exclusive weekly #Trending10 post. From the most spinning-innovation to the extremely fascinating tech trend. Here's is another week of your weekly report which features Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Adobe and Google. If you missed last week's edition here is a recap.

#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #45 (2019) - DE JAY'S BLOG

Let's get started, and I hope you are not a "technophobia". The fear of technology is real considering the fact that it's been always changing in every part of the world. Spend some time on this blog a day and hopefully, you will learn to appreciate technology and kick the phobia away.

1. You can now get Adobe Photoshop on your iPad, for free (trial)

The main aim is to "Take your creativity to new places with Photoshop on the iPad". This means that your saves on the iPad will be available across all devices that have Photoshop installed with Adobe CC (Creative Cloud ) subscription obviously including PC (Windows), macOS and not the iPhone but iPhone users still can use the Adobe Photoshop Express app for now. It's official now! Click to read more.

2. Likes won't matter anymore in an upcoming Instagram update

Earlier this year, near mid-April to be more specific, Instagram confirmed the testing of a new update (internally) that will hide the total like counts of Instagram photos and videos from the public according to TechCrunch. This is to remove the sense of competition among its users and to make it a safer place since the Parent company Facebook, has been caught up in so many scandals including racism in a recent report. Click to read more.

3. WhatsApp co-founder said we should delete Facebook

In an original tweet that came from the Cambridge Analytic scandal that initiated the #DeleteFacebook movement, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton is still behind the idea of deleting Facebook, telling a crowd at Wired’s 25th-anniversary summit that while people have to make their own decisions about the social network, he stands by his decision to leave. “If you want to be on Facebook and you want to have ads thrust in front of you, go to town,” he added.

4.  Self-Lacing Sneakers: The Future Of Footwear

Self Lacing?? Pretty self-explanatory. Exactly, no need to bend down for like 5 minutes every time. How exactly could this be implemented? Robotic hands? Well, not exactly, at least for the various implementations, I've come across. Self-lacing sneakers provide numerous advantages like comfortability, time conservation and enabling disabled people to easily tie their shoes. In spite of all these, they come with a pretty hefty price tag. I sure hope they would reduce sometime in the future. Click to read more.

5. Stadia hits Google's Play Store ahead of its debut this month. 

You can get your Pixel phone or Chrome OS tablet ready before the service goes live November 19th. stadia brings a new form of gaming experience to gamers out there who are struggling to purchase expensive consoles and gaming laptops (machines). You wouldn't need any form of console or gaming machines to jump into your favourite game. Wondering how it works right? Click to read more.

6. Hackers Can Silently Control Your Google Home, Alexa, Siri With Laser Light

In a report by The Hacker News, a team of cybersecurity researchers has discovered a clever technique to remotely inject inaudible and invisible commands into voice-controlled devices — all just by shining a laser at the targeted device instead of using spoken words. According to experiments done by a team of researchers from Japanese and Michigan Universities, a remote attacker standing at a distance of several meters away from a device can covertly trigger the attack by simply modulating the amplitude of laser light to produce an acoustic pressure wave. Here's the PDF.

November has kicked off with a huge number of apps launches from Microsoft, Adobe and Facebook. Well, a lot went wrong. Leading the headlines is how Apple fixed the iOS bug that killed background apps,  Google can't secure play store alone and how Adobe's Photoshop for iPad is tanking.

7.  iOS 13.2.2 fixes bug that kills your background apps prematurely

Apple has just released iOS 13.2.2, which patches up this issue (which caused background apps to “quit unexpectedly”), along with a handful of other annoyances. While it doesn’t offer up anything in the way of big new features, it’s probably worth the update just to make multitasking work the way it’s supposed to. iOS 13.2 gave us an amazing feature but does it feels like your iPhone is being a little quick to shut down apps running in the background lately? Go update it. 

8. Google admits it can’t secure the Play Store on its own

"Today, we’re excited to take this collaboration to the next level, announcing a partnership between Google, ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium. It’s called the App Defense Alliance and together, we’re working to stop bad apps before they reach users’ devices " - Google announced this week. The goal, the company says, is to unite the security industry to fight malicious apps across Android’s ecosystem of 2.5 billion devices. Basically, Google will integrate its own detection systems with each partner’s scanning engine to help it uncover potential risks and threats.

9. Adobe deals with ‘painful’ early reviews of Photoshop for iPad

Adobe may have released the most efficient and important mobile app ever, as it launched the Photoshop for iPad. Fans have lambasted the app because it seems to be missing several key features.
What could have gone wrong, the app just has 2 stars. On YouTube, the first search results for Photoshop on iPad populate videos calling the app “disappointing” and “bad for colourists.” One gets straight to the point, with the title, “RANT: Photoshop for iPAD SUCKS”. The sentiment is the same on Twitter, with artists questioning why the app is missing features that competitors like Procreate and the Affinity suite already offer on the iPad, and for a one-time fee, no less.

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10. How to toggle Instagram's new Dark Mode on your iPhone or Android

The dark mode is arguably the most popular app feature in 2019. Apple introduced it in the macOS Mojave update last year and later implemented it for the iPhones in the latest iOS 13 this year. Most apps have support for this mode which can be turned on or off in the apps' setting, Twitter is a typical example. Check it out!

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