iOS 13.2 released with AirPods Pro support and an iPhone 11 feature we've all been waiting for.

Following the release of the new AirPods Pro Apple released another software update (iOS 13.2) mainly to provide compatibility of the AirPods Pro with their already existing devices including the iPhones, iPad and Mac. You might think this update only addresses the compatibility issues but it doesn't end there, there are more exciting features.

After a long wait (since its announcement at the Apple Event )  A major feature included in this and it is their inclusion of the long-awaited Deep-Fusion camera mode for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. The Deep Fusion camera mode was introduced in the previous beta. And is designed to use AI and other software tricks to improve the sharpness of images as announced during their iPhone 11 review at the Apple event.

iOS 13.2 is going to update resume brings new emojis ends compatibility with the new Beats Solo Pro. The new emojis officially supports Unicode 12.0 according to the company. You have the ability to create endless emoji regardless of gender or skin tone. There are new emojis like :

  • service dog
  • people using wheelchairs
  • prosthetic arms and legs
  • a person with a white cane 
  • new animals
  • yawning face
  • new food options

For users on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, the latest software update enables Deep Fusion (an image processing feature that should make your photos look better thanks to machine learning) as I said earlier. The highly anticipated feature finally makes it debut publicly since it's announcement at the Apple Event. It is believed that Apple purposely delayed this feature till the release of the Pixel 4 to ensure the new iPhone was ready for the camera competition between these two devices.

You can also change the resolution and frame rate of your videos in the Camera app directly. One important thing worth mentioning is that with iOS 13.2 you can delete your Siri and dictionary history.

Finally, iOS 13.2 adds support for new announced AirPods Pro and Apple will ask you for permission before listening to  Siri commands. he opt-in feature is about the only new feature for tvOS 13.2, which is getting an update ahead of the Apple TV Plus launch on November 1st.

How to install it

To get this feature or this new update simply visit Settings > General > Software updates and then install it, otherwise here's a simple guide on how to update your iPhone or iPad to the lastest iOS or iPad OS respectively.
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