Google Stadia (The Netflix of gaming) : How everything works

Stadia hits Google's Play Store ahead of its debut this month. You can get your Pixel phone or Chrome OS tablet ready before the service goes live November 19th.

Google Stadia (The Netflix of gaming) : How it works - DE JAY'S BLOG
Google Stadia drops on the 19th of November 2019, stadia brings a new form of gaming experience to gamers out there who are struggling to purchase expensive consoles and gaming laptops (machines). You wouldn't need any form of console or gaming machines to jump into your favourite game. Wondering how it works right?, Stadia streams games directly unto your desired device from Google data centres, it's kind of like streaming TV shows or music videos but in this case high-quality video games. You wouldn't have to download a song when streaming it, that's the concept Google has taken to implement stadia. Stadia also comes with beautiful controllers which are designed to perfectly fit into the hands of players with comfort, these controllers are set up with the stadia app on your phone.

Google Stadia will run on your TV, tablet, mobile phone, and your laptop. To play on your TV just plug in your Chromecast Ultra and setup your Stadia controller with your Stadia app on your phone. The Chrome cast Ultra device is basically the streaming device that links, in this case, your TV to the Google Stadia data centres.

Once you are set up, you buy the game you want then you play it, Instantly!. Compared to console and PC games where you would have to wait long for games to download, on Stadia you don't have to wait for a download, seconds after you click purchase you would be streaming your game directly from the internet unto your screen. I know right, how cool is this. And since you are streaming from Google's data centres, your games can run at premium specs up to 4k resolution and 60 frames per second with high dynamic range colours. Stadia supports a range of resolutions and internet speeds, that is, the resolutions and quality of your games will depend on your internet speed. On a range from 0-10Mbps players will get a display of 720p and 60fps, 10-20Mbps players will get a display of 1080p and 60fps  with a 5.1 surround and on a range of 20-35Mbps players can get up to an over satisfying 4k display also with a 5.1 surround.

But in my opinion, 4k gaming isn't the best since there would be latency in fresh rates. Especially when you are into a battle royale game. But guess what?, it doesn't stop just on your TV, you can bring all your incredible gaming experiences just to about all screens in your life, your favourite games on your laptop, desktop, select tablets, and your smartphones.

Is your mom interrupting you from playing a game on your TV just to watch a show? you could just switch to your laptop and pick up where you left off, On a trip? just pick up your smartphone and start streaming. Anywhere you got WIFI, you are just a click away from buying your favourite titles and instantly playing your games. Which also means you are a click away from playing with your friends. The Stadia controllers also connect to Stadia's servers giving you a lightning-fast response time when playing wirelessly. Those in love with keyboard and mouse can also use them to play on their desktop or laptop. Stadia offers a premium subscription which gives you up to 4k resolution, with 5.1 surround sound and free games regularly. The experience is near.
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