Likes won't matter anymore in an upcoming Instagram update.

The feature will go public in the US next week.

Earlier this year, near mid April to be more specific, Instagram confirmed the testing of a new update (internally) that will hide the total like counts of Instagram photos and videos from the public according to TechCrunch. This is to remove the sense of competition among its users and to make it a safer place since the Parent company Facebook, has been caught up in so many scandals including racism in recent reports. 

The company has already made significant changes to their app over the years along with the removal of the following tab and the introduction of the dark mode feature into its latest ios and select android builds of the app within the last few months. 

Initial public testing of the "no like count" version of Instagram began in July and some users from specific countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand began to catch on this new feature.

It now seems the test got a positive feedback and as a consequence, Instagram will expand the testing to the US; confirmed by the CEO Adam Mosseri in an interview with WIRED today.

The new feature will not impact the algorithm used for the Instagram timeline, at least no one nor has there been any reports of this so far, but the company just wants you and "...your friends to focus on The photos and videos you shared not how many likes you get" you can view your own likes when you tap on the "..and others liked your photo" beneath your photo.

In a follow up tweet,

This major upcoming update will be a big disappointment for  social media "influencers" but since they haven't talked about hiding or totally removing the follower count from Instagram profiles they should fine for now. Since the feature has finally hit the US, a world wide roll-out of this version should be expected anytime soon.

Update: Nov 14th, 2019:
Instagram just confirmed that the world-wide roll-out has finally has finally begun following a positive feedback from the earlier tests. Not everybody experience the disappearance of the likes yet since it's still in the testing phase but the main aim of this is for the company to "...learn more from our global community" and to prepare for a complete world-wide update. 
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