#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #46 (November 2019)

Welcome to another edition of our weekly exclusive, #Trending10 for mid-November 2019. This week's report  features news and trends shrouding  Facebook, Motorola, Google, Sega, our favourite cat and more on crypto-currency and bitcoin. Incase you missed last week's edition here is a recap, to stay up-to-date in tech! Here's this week's edition

#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #46 (November 2019) - DE JAY'S BLOG

All the games that will be available to play on Google Stadia

Google stadia is just days from its launch and the company has confirmed the 12 games that will be available to play. Though the number is disappointing, the confirmed lineup is something to be excited about. Read more...

A look ahead: movies to expect from Marvel in 2020 and beyond

What a year it has been for Marvel! From Captain Marvel to Endgame to Homecoming, Marvel has increased their total earnings to 18 billion dollars yet they don't seem to be slowing down. Here are some of the upcoming movies announced and those rumoured to be in the works. Read more

Facebook app secretly accessing your iPhone's camera

Another day another another dirty linen from Facebook revealed. Their privacy woes continue as many users claim the company has been accessing your iPhone camera in the background as they scroll through their feed. Read more...

A big one for the SEGA community!

New Sonic movie announced! Release date, trailer and more confirmed

A new Sonic Hedgehog movie trailer was released a few days ago by Paramount and finally the spiky hero has a new design and comes with a giant improvement. Read more...

"Hello Moto.." 

Motorola razr 2019 officially launched: specs, pricing and more confirmed!

The legendary Moto Razr was officially brought back and unveiled by Motorola a few days ago and it looks exactly as the leaked renders predicted it to look. Even the specs and price turned out to be right. Here's more on that. Read more...

Moto g8 is coming: available in three colours!

We already know that Motorola is planning to release a re-invented and modern model of the Motorola Razr but but apparently the are also working to release a new member of their budget G series.

In Blockchain and Crypto...

Why you should invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2019

It is true that Crypto-currencies and the whole blockchain / Bitcoin  idea is complex and cumbersome for ordinary people - so is investing in it a right move? The crypto space is still a volatile playground but here's why we think you should invest. Read more...

How to make passive income with Blockchain

There are no gatekeepers to the blockchain technology, making it a more trusted and unbiased way of making transactions. Where you're an expert or new to blockchain here's a simple guide on how to make money from your crypto-currencies while you sleep. Read more...

And finally, in honour of the most trending cat (currently)

Our memes of the week #46: Smudge The Cat edition (the return)


We did it last week and we're back again! Here are our Memes of the week. Read more...
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