Motorola Razr 2019 officially launched: Specs, Pricing and more confirmed!

Motorola Razr 2019 officially launched: Specs, Pricing and more confirmed!
Motorolla Razr Officially Launched - DE JAY'S BLOG

So the Moto Razr has been unveiled by Motorola and it looks exactly as the leaked renders predicted it to look. Even the specs and price turned out to be right. More on the specs and pricing here

As predicted, the Moto Razr is not a powerhouse when it comes to specs but that is not the main draw of the device and now that it has been unveiled, that point has been made even more apparent. One of the main draws of the device is its portability as it can be folded in half and placed in the pocket. But even that does appeal too much as the moto Razr unfolded has a 6.2-inch screen. 

For comparison, my 6.5-inch device fits perfectly in my pocket so the need for a device with a 6.2-inch display which is foldable is questionable. It will be more useful to ladies as the turn to have smaller pockets but the main thing Motorola is banking on for the success of their new device is the nostalgia it brings. 

The first version of the device was very popular  in its day and probably is one of the most popular phones of all times, therefore Motorola a hoping that that sense of nostalgia will be enough to convince you to get the phone, apart from the fact that it looks extremely cool.

What caught my attention most about this device Is the foldable display. 2019 has seen a couple of foldable devices and there has always been one thing common to all of them which the grease, except the Razr. This is because of the hinge mechanism used by Motorola which allows the device to fold completely flat without any grease. The hinge is found on the left and right side of the display allowing the display to sink into the phone's body and therefore fold effortlessly and without any grease. 

(credits: CNET)

This mechanism that has been patented by Motorola could be huge for them going forward as they have something that other big competitors in the folding device arena lack, which is a hinge mechanism that allows the device to fold flat and still manage to produce no grease. It has no official IP rating but Motorola claims it is splash resistant. The device looks quite durable but considering that it is a first-generation foldable device, I will still keep in mind that there is still a long way to go before I can treat it like I do a normal device.

According to recent leaks, another Motorola phone, the next in-line for the Moto G-series (Moto g8) was also leaked and it comes with some exciting colors, here's more on that.
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