Galaxy S11 leaks, release date, specs & everything you need to know

Galaxy S11 leaks, release date, specs & everything you need to know

Yes, it is that time of the year again. We have started to receive information about Samsung’s next flagship under the S line, the Galaxy S11. If we are to go with previous events, they the S11 will be released sometime in February of next year. Below is what we know so far.

The Camera

The camera is going to be the main attraction for the galaxy S11 and Samsung is stepping it up in that department. They have been using the same camera sensor since the galaxy S7 but that will change in the S11 as Ice universe who is a reputable leaker, tweeted that “The Galaxy S11 has a high probability of using a new 108MP sensor”. The bigger the sensor, the more light enters, the better pictures it will take so this is all good news. It is also rumoured that the S11 will have four cameras at the back and will have a lens with a 5x optical zoom. This is likely to be true since Samsung has applied to trademark a feature called ”Space Zoom”, which could point to powerful zoom capabilities. The camera which is codenamed Hubble(which is the name of a space telescope) could mean Samsung is looking to do what Huawei did with moon photography but with space instead. All this points to a significant upgrade in terms of the camera which is definitely exciting.

The Display and Design

According to Evan Blass, all the screens found on  all the S11 devices including the S11e, S11 and S11+ will be seeing an increase in screen size.

·        S11e will have a 6.2” or 6.4” screen
·        S11 will have a 6.7” screen
·        S11+ will have a 6.9” screen

If this leaked information turns out to be true, it will mean the Galaxy S11 will be Samsung’s biggest display in a phone not counting the Fold. All the variants of the S11 will come with curved displays and that can be good news or bad news depending on how you view curved displays. Samsung has patented a design that shows a device with a smaller display at the back(courtesy of LetsGoDigital). This does not mean it is going to be implemented on the S11 but there is a slim chance as that will mean there is no need for a selfie camera and could help Samsung produce an all-screen device. Some variants of the device may also come with up to 120hz refresh rate.


All the S11 devices are getting bigger batteries. This is necessary due to the increase in the screen size of all the variants of the S11. The new processors are also expected to be more power-efficient meaning the whole battery experience will get better. The leaked battery of the S11e  has been increased to 3900mAH(rated capacity is 3730mAH) which is an increase from last year’s 3100mAH. The S11+ battery will be close to 5000mAH  according to Ice universe which is huge, there is no word on the S11 but we do expect an increase as well.


The processor that is going to power the S11 devices in  Asia, Europe and some other parts of the world(not including the US and China) has been revealed as the Exynos 990. These are some the specs of the new chipset.
Supports up to 120hz refresh rate     

LPDDR5 RAM support – 30% faster than LPDDR5 currently found on the Note 10,iPhone 11 and more. 
12GB base RAM 
Support camera modules of up to 108MP 
5G support

In the US and China, the S11 devices will be powered by the Snapdragon 865.

New Internal Design?

The S11 looks like it is going to come with some significant changes not only on the outside but on the inside as well. The last instalments in the S-Series have all had rectangular batteries but the S11 is going to change that according to some leaked images. This means thatre the whole internal design must change as well which could be good news because it could mean the addition of new hardware.

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