New Sonic movie announced! release date, trailer and more confirmed.

Are you a part of the Sega fan community? Here's some news to spice up your week - A new Sonic Hedgehog movie trailer was released this morning by Paramount. The spiky hero has a new design and comes with a giant improvement. At least he doesn't look terrifying, this a significant achievement for the film.

After watching the trailer, I laughed out loud and I said this could be a family movie I can watch with my younger siblings. It has familiar sound effects and sound melodies that have some relation to the game. Even though the trailer doesn't tell us if this is going to be the glow up of the season or not? A lot of fans seems to be happy with it. In an official tweet, fans reacted well with praise words acknowledging the improvements.
The film director responded thanking all the fans for their kind words - " THANK YOU for your patience and support. This wouldn't have been possible without the fans. #SonicMovie ".

With a lot of people talking about the CGI, the producers definitely nailed it. For Sega fans such as myself, I am looking at this movie reaching a high bar. Paramount’s team of CGI artists can pat themselves on the back. They have slain a monster. Sonic is back. See you at the cinemas on February 14.
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