Forget the Galaxy Fold, Apple's Foldable iPhones are coming!

Apple is actively working on the technology for folding devices according to a patent source. With this new model steadily in works, the folding iPad is set to launch first next year or 2021. This would be the first  of its kind by the company. Samsung already has the lead when it comes to folding phones. Even though they have the head start, Apple is set to make the battle between these two companies tighter.

The price could be an obstacle for the company. Customers maybe willing to pay a premium for folding devices, but nothing like the $2,000 price of Samsung’s ill-fated Galaxy Fold. Apple users could pay $400 - $500 extra for the device. We have seen prototypes of both the folding iPhone and iPad from a number of Apple patents events. In other  for the company to break the market with their foldable phones, they would want to be more careful than Samsung to avoid any embarrassing experience. With just 48 hours before the launch of the phone in April, reviewers found major problems with the device  delaying its launch. As to when the phone would be launched, that's still unknown. This is one thing Apple will want to avoid for sure. I don't see a better timing than this. There's been enough evidence to prove that Apple has bend to the folding trend and this makes it amusing.

The foldable phone trend has taken 2019 by storm, with companies such as Samsung, Huawei and FlexPai unveiling the bendable devices that will soon be in consumers' hands. The verdict is still out on whether these foldables represent the future of smartphones, but if it is, a flexible iPhone can't be too far behind.

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