Surf the Internet with zero traces through one browser

surf the internet anonymously with tor

To use the internet anonymously without having your data breached is the best right you can enjoy in this vintage era of an interconnected world. If you are still confused about how important your data and privacy is in 2019, check out this post. Numerous privacy researchers have told me most of the browsers we use are broken against the global passive adversary.

It's easy to conclude that no system is entirely secured regardless of the measures that are put in place. There will always be a flaw.

Security is a process of choosing between "less safe" and "more safe", and continuing to fork toward safety until you reach "safe enough" - according to Edward Snowden in one of his latest tweets.

Most of the internet browsers out there were safe enough to use against certain threat models as they could easily protect the communications they needed to in the manner they are required to. This is not a dig at other internet browsers but Tor is working on a project to browse and explore freely. Tor provides you with a number of ways to live anonymously and get crucial protections from hackers, governments and data brokers. Won't you want a browser that protects your privacy and data anytime you interact with the internet? In summary, this is what Tor provides:

1. Block trackers

Anytime we interact on the internet, we create a "virtual self" we are totally unaware of. Tracking involves accumulation information about your interaction on the internet. Your Google searches, the web pages you visit can give out your location to trackers. Most websites are equipped with special tools that can keep tabs on website visitors. Who is tracking you?  - You own your internet history regardless of what you do, that is your right. Tor isolates each website you visit and automatically clears your cookies so trackers can't follow you.

2. Defend against surveillance

Mass surveillance by government entities and organizations is one of the outrageous policies that you will ever hear. The term surveillance isn't bad but the activities and analysis involved in the collation of this process have to be questioned. 

3. Resist fingerprinting

Websites use this collect information about your browser, timezone and even your operating system version as well as other active settings. With time, these sites would have collected information about you and this is used to run the digital economy. Even though they can be used to combat fraudulent activities, your privacy must always come first. Tor makes it difficult for you to be a victim and hence your information is safe.

4. Enjoy encryption & Censorship

Tor will encrypt your traffic in multiple layers (at least three times) over the Tor network. Information on sites are suppressed and these protections extend to the internet filtering and combating invasion on online privacy.

The Tor project is still ongoing targetted at defending privacy online and they are even working on fixing and smashing bugs through donation.

Some browsers will claim to be secure against several vulnerabilities, they may not have your privacy at interest. If you take your privacy seriously, the first step of protecting it will be to download a secure and effective browser. Despite strict and effective privacy precautions, there is always that someone who can see anything you do online
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