2020 was quite a news maker: Here's our year in review

The best of 2020: Movies, Games, Memes, Albums and more!

The last 12 months have created a tapestry of peaks and lows that set the stage for 2021, shifted the landscape of technology industry and, in some ways, radically changed the way we go about our lives. Take the catastrophic police incidents around the world that have created serious wounds and taken race tensions to the forefront. The year 2020 proved to be transformative in technology, with businesses delivering vital services amid the coronavirus pandemic and unveiling 5G telecommunications technology.

Quite definitely, all of you will pay tribute to Zoom or similar tech. After all, had it not been for video conferencing, we would have been hard-pressed to be productive-or so the top management would have thought. 

Let's get started...

The Best Apps of 2020 for iOS and Android

The best apps of 2020

The Zoom boom...

This shift to working and studying from home contributed to a boom in interactive networking technologies such as Zoom hence making it to the top of our list. Check out our picks for the best new Android and iOs applications from 2020 here.

Amazon's Year

The supermarket giant is nearing a $2 trillion market share. Its third-quarter earnings hit new highs and surpassed Wall Street's estimates after the company's revenue of $96.1 billion, marking a 37% year-over-year increase—a milestone for Amazon's sales over a three-month span. The business is also forecast to report a fourth-quarter record of sales, likely to represent massive online retail figures during the holiday season.

12 Great Movies You Might Have Missed This Year (2020)

Wonder woman

Almost definitely, analysts say. Fans (and that's most of us) have an emotional and nostalgic attachment to going to the cinema to watch our favourite films. The uncertainty faced by theatres as long as COVID-19 prevents people from assembling indoors in large numbers implies a long time of upheaval. Check out our list.

The Best Games of 2020: The Last of Us Part II, Doom Eternal and more!

Last year might not have gone down as one of the greatest years of gaming, but hey, don't worry, the old consoles went out with a bang for new games. It was decent for some aspects of gaming, new graphic cards, new next-gen consoles, etc. And here are some of the best games of 2020. 

The Best Smartphones Of 2020

We've seen new phones from Google, Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, and LG in 2020 with more to follow. It was hard to narrow this list to 10 phones, considering the convincing launches we saw in 2020. It's easy to find a decent phone these days, phones are so fantastic that you don't even need to upgrade them on an annual basis.

RANKED: The Best Music Albums of 2020 (available on Apple Music & Spotify)

Top songs of the year

Here's a compilation works that we felt were fine, notable, and you know, they fit into the moments, a list full of albums that we feel were priceless. There are a lot of them out there, to be honest, but just 20 made the cut. It's been really tough to pick because lots of excellent songs have fallen this year.

Our Memes of the Year: 2020 Edition

The memes, they never stop. Though we've been stuck inside for nearly an entire year, the memes have only gotten more powerful and more relatable.  Alas, we can't ask anyone to please stop memeing, particularly given the dwindling shelf life of how long jokes stay amusing, so we're committed to keeping up with this breakneck loop for the sake of handy content.

In a year that will be remembered for tragedy, we're looking back at friends and loved ones that we've lost as a result of the deadly coronavirus. RIP to all we lost in 2020, you will not be forgotten :(


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