Apple IPhone's Notification bug still around after IOS 14.3

IPhone Xsmax running 14.3 with the bug

Are your messages not coming in properly? Do they come through but without the standard pop-up notifications or red badge? Well, you’re not alone. Your cousin’s facing it, your boss is facing it, and even I’m facing it.
A number of users have stated that the issue started occuring after they updated to iOS 14. The bug does not only affect the messages app but other apps such as Youtube,Mails, Whatsapp and social apps. Some users reported on the Apple discussion forums that they just stopped receiving alerts all together while others say the bug only happens with specific apps. 

"I am having the same issue and also not receiving notifications for other email apps as well as social media. Thought it may be an app needs to be updated issue but that doesn’t seem to have worked either. I am missing critical emails that require immediate response." SOURCE

"I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I only get a text notification if I have phone open. Also doesn’t ping my Apple Watch. Very frustrating. Missed a really important text and that should not happen!" SOURCE

The issues above are not the only complaints. Some users report that they are receiving notifications but without the accompanying banners. Others receive them but never on their lock screens, a large number of users don’t receive any notifications whatsoever. In my case, I receive notifications just fine when on respective apps but they stop as soon as I leave the app. However, these problems are still present after the latest minor iOS update.

Another issue is the onset of weird fixes. The problems are oddly rectified when the individual turns off their Bluetooth in Settings or hard resets their device. Even factory resetting works to fix the problem. Obviously, these results were not the intended purposes.

The issues have been reported to Apple who responded with positive feedback. They have been made aware of the issues and are working on solutions. Hopefully, that would be soon, so don’t stress.


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