#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #2 (January 2020)

Hey everyone, welcome back to Trending 10 where we dive deep into the biggest tech news from the week and go over some interesting stories of the week. This whole week was about CES and we saw some cool stuff. Before we start, check out our memes of the week.

#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #2 January 2020)

1. CES 2020: The coolest stuff so far

It's one of the busiest weeks for tech-minded people and the tech media with this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicking off. Here's a round-up and highlights of the coolest innovations from this year's CES show. There were some big surprises in the lead-up to CES 2020 so strap in folks - let's get started with some awesome innovations. Read more.

2. Samsung reveals new invisible keyboard

Samsung continues to be one of the most famous and strongest brands in the tech industry with its smartphones. The company plans to advance text input on smartphones and tablets with an invisible AI-powered keyboard for your device. Read more about Samsung's SelfieType.

3. Lenovo unveils the worlds first foldable PC: ThinkPad X1

Lenovo showed off the technology last year but there were questions on how it could be turned into a product that people will actually want to buy, and the ThinkPad fold is Lenovo's answer. It is a full-on Windows 10 PC with a foldable 13” OLED screen which comes with a wireless keyboard. When folded, it looks like a leather-bound book which gives it a premium look and prevents any attraction of fingerprints. Read more.

4. LG’s 2020 OLED TV lineup at CES: Massive 8K screens & many more

The company already revealed a slew of "Real 8K" luxury TVs alongside the rollable 4K OLED TV which has been confirmed to go on sale this year. The TVs were available on the demo site but the difference between the 8K and 4K was hard to tell in terms of the quality. LG claims the reason for that was because the 4K TV has pixel density “comparable to that of a 96-inch 8K TV,”. Read more.

5. AMD unveils Ryzen 4000 series processors

For Desktops, AMD is releasing the AMD RYZEN 7 4800H processor for gamers and content creators with 8 cores and 16 thread with a base speed of 2.9GHz with a boost to 4.2GHz. And this processor will be available in February of this year. AMD is also introducing a technology in-game called SmartShift that improves frame rate. Would AMD processors be the future alongside their GPUS? Read more here.

6. Samsung shows off Project NEON, realistic digital humanoid avatars

Would you enjoy watching a film with synthetic actors? According to STAR Labs, this could be a reality in the future. At this point there are more questions than answers, Project Neon plans to release a beta project for a small number of partners by the end of 2020 so we expect to hear more about Neon at least before the year ends. Read more.

7. New features coming to Google Assistant including support for Android TV

Google announced some new features coming to the google assistant which is in keeping with what they have been doing for a couple of years now.  Google's Assistant has come a long way since its debut in 2016 and has a lot more features than what it began with, which contributes to the whole android experience. Read more.

8. Twitter rethinks replies

Twitter banning the nazis has become an unfortunate meme of sorts that highlights how many issues Twitter has with abuse on its site. Twitter announced it's testing a way to let users block all replies to their tweets - one of four planned options aimed at letting the platform's users personalize who can reply to their tweets. Read more.

Enough of CES, let's get into some entertainment.

9. Most Anticipated Games of 2020

2019 was quite a year for the gaming industry! With the launch of next-gen consoles, 2020 is already shaping up to be much bigger. Continue scrolling for our list on the biggest games which have been confirmed for 2020 release. Read more.

10. Movies Coming to Cinemas January 2020

January is often seen as the month to hit the Gym and rack up those New Year Resolutions. Considering this month is the beginning of the decade, you might wanna make an exception and hit the theatre. Here's a list of movies that would be showing in theatres worldwide for the month of January. Read more.
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