Our Memes of the Week #2 (January 2020)

Our Memes of the Week #2
2nd Week in and the gym getting farther and farther. These potato chips keep on getting better and the couch keeps on looking comfier. Netflix, Memes keeps calling😥😅. Looks like I've already failed for 2020. 20201 here I come!!
Here are a few memes that would probably keep you on the couch for longer... 

Watching Memes Meme
And get off the damn couch!

SpongeBob, Sidewalks Meme
These are the kind of leaders we need..

Instagram Model, Australia Meme
A hero like no other..
Prayers up for everyone affected🙏

Student, Teacher Meme
A teacher's nightmare...

Tom and Jerry, Crush Meme
Opposite reaction🤥  

Spiderman, Lego Meme
If the logic is right...

Computer Freezing Meme
Never let them know you have an assignment to submit too

Youtube Meme
Mad facts💯

Teachers, Students, Gordon Ramsay Meme
I hate this...
but I know I'd do the same...lol

6ix9ine, Bob the Builder Meme
C'mon bruhh...

iPhone, Samsung Meme
I don't use either...
Ayee! my screen would never get damaged, lmao

Life, Thomas the Train Meme

Making out Meme
Wait a minute (Wakanda Accent)

Youtube Meme
I'm sure the Youtube office was dying over this...lmao

Dog Meme
Fluffy, a gangster😂

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
You wouldn't be the first for sure😂

Machine Learning Meme
For my programming peeps...

Now that you're done, get off the couch and go get more chips, Sorry I meant hit the gym. Or just dress up and hit the cinema. Here are a few movies you can check out. More same time the next week. Here's last week's compilation too.

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