Samsung reveals new invisible keyboard

Samsung reveals new Invisible Keyboard
Use AI alongside your phone's camera to track your hands as they type on an invisible keyboard in front of you.

Samsung's new Invisible AI Keyboard

Samsung continues to be one of the most famous and strongest brands in the tech industry with its smartphones. The company plans to advance text input on smartphones and tablets with an invisible AI-powered keyboard for your device.

This feature, called SelfieType tracks your finger movements using Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. It lets you input text on your phone or tablet essentially using the front camera. In this way, you can write to the phone more easily and efficiently without touching your hand. The Verge reports that SelfieType is only a demo for the time being, but could eventually be a commercial release.

How it works

It's an innovation coming from Samsung's experimental C-Lab Program, which has produced awesome product launches in the past. Samsung's Newsroom official shared a video revealing how the feature works. From the video, the front camera tracks your finger movements, allowing you to type quickly without touching the small keyboard on the screen. It's not available for public testing, so it's difficult to tell if the tech works as smoothly as it's shown.

Invisible keyboards have already been attempted with laser projection, but this solution would work with your phone as the key piece of equipment. If it functions properly, the same technology could potentially be used for more complex inputs in mobile games as well. It will also eliminate the problem of carrying around accessories.

The details of the new technology are limited, for the time being, the technology is expected to be introduced tomorrow.

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