Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7
As the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and sadly that is true for arguably the most popular, convenient and reliable operating system the PC has ever seen. We are referring to Windows 7 as Microsoft is dropping support for the operating after nearly 11 years of being active. 

This been in the works for a while now but it has taken quite some time to actually make it official due to the market share the operating system still has despite how old it is. This proves just how much people prefer the OS over other, newer ones. Windows 7 became so popular and widespread to the extent that it took Windows 10 almost four years to surpass it in terms of market share. Even now, a large number of computers still run this operating system even though Microsoft has been sending such users notifications telling them that support for their OS is coming to an end.  

They even made it free to upgrade to Windows 10 in an attempt to convince people to upgrade but still, some users decided to stick to what they know and are used to. Some businesses may have decided not to upgrade due to the fear of compatibility problems as such an event can hurt their various businesses severely.

For these reasons, windows 7 users can pay to get extended security updates for their machines. These extended updates for the Enterprise version of the OS will cost $25 per system while the Pro version will cost $50 per machine. It isn’t advisable to take this option as the cost will double year on year from now. This means by 2021, Enterprise users will be paying $50, and $100 for Pro users, which double again the next year. Considering how costly this could get very fast, the best decision will be to upgrade.

Windows 7 users should be really thinking about upgrading to windows 10 anytime from now because without security updates, their PC’s become vulnerable to attacks from hackers which could be very detrimental to them and their privacy.

With no “Windows 11” in sight, users of the current version should not worry about having to upgrade to a new OS anytime soon. It also seems like everybody concerned with foldable devices are turning their attention there and that includes Microsoft as they are building and perfecting Windows 10X will work on foldable devices.

So, if you are still on Windows 7 then this will a great time for you to upgrade and even though change isn’t always pleasant, this change is very much needed.
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