Instagram DMs are coming to the web

The new feature is currently live for a few people for testing purposes.

Instagram DMs are coming to the web - send and receive messages on desktop

Instagram is rolling a major update to their desktop web app to include the long-awaited Direct Message feature which has been missing from the web version of the app since its launch. This will be a major tweak to the desktop version in a while, however, the mobile version of the app has seen many significant changes including dark mode, hiding likes on posts, multiple story uploads thanks to the layout feature and removal of the following tab--mostly effective last year.

The Facebook-owned company hinted about this is a tweet from Instagram's official twitter account,
In the tweet ...

The new desktop update will see the familiar DM button from the mobile view appear among the buttons in the top-right menu of the web app, next to the explore button to be precise and will ideally perform the role same through the browser as it is on mobile. You will be able to create new messages, groups, double-tap to like a message, share photos from the desktop, and receive notifications--if you allow the Instagram website the permission to do that.

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