#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #52 (December 2019)

Welcome to the number one news spot on trending tech from our exclusive weekly #Trending10. From the most spinning-innovation to the extremely fascinating tech trend. Here's is another week, last of the year (2019) and your weekly report which features Apple, Twitter, Samsung, Huawei, and more. If you missed last week's edition here is a recap.

#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #52 (December 2019)

Let's go...

Huawei P40 and P40 Pro Leaked; to have a first of is it kind screen!

Rumors on the Huawei P40 surface within the week which revealed so interesting things to forward to in the coming year. Here is what we know so far; Read Here

The Year of Return Developer Hackathon 2019 - My experience & what I learned

See why the Hackathon is making a return and why not all hackathons are for coding. Read here

Twitter disables animated PNG's

It was all fun when animated PNG's (APNG's) was realized and became so popular over the weeks until some people decided ruin it. The company claims that this service was abused by targeting some users with epilepsy.  

Further more...

On Apple...

Multiple Apple services down for some users

Earlier this week, customers were having some problems with some of their services with them being either slow, unavailable or both. Read here

Apple's iPhones are finally going to have 5G compatibility in 2020

Seems like Apple will be joining the 5G party in 2020 as some of their devices set to be released next year have a good chance of coming with 5G. Read here

More on 5G ...

AT&T's 5G coverage expands to six new cities.

5G is coverage is spreading slowly but spreading non-the-less. AT&T is one of the leading runners in championing this growth and they took another step earlier this week. Read here

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G appears to be on its way.

Samsung are planning to release a Galaxy tab S6 with 5G which will provide faster connectivity. This will be great for people in 5G enabled areas who want to experience 5G on a large screen. Read here

Samsung's next Galaxy Fold could have a glass screen.

All the foldable devices we have seen this year all come with a plastic screen made from special materials. But Samsung may have a more durable option under their belt for their next galaxy fold. Read here

Let's end the year with a smile ...

Our memes of the week.

Get yourself a good giggle with our memes of the week here;

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