Apple's iPhones are finally going to have 5G compatibility in 2020

2020 iPhone leaks and is Apple finally going to have 5G compatibility
2020 IPhone

The 2020 iPhone line up, will Apple be releasing five new phones in 2020? lots of details about that. Including a new structure, new naming, new prices, lots of camera sensor technology upgrades and in particular the battery life will be growing. Essentially saying the iPhone still has room to grow only in 2019 tech we have seen battery tech, camera tech and it's only going to be better in the next 5 to 10 years. Apple is will be launching a lot of iPhones in 2020.

And from an Namira analyst and your insta net they are claiming apple would be launching two lower-end and two higher-end iPhones, so they line up might probably be categorized in the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, so in the iPhone 12 category we will be seeing a 5.4 inch and 6.1 inches with dual-lens cameras and these will be apple's lower ends release phones for 2020 and the other side of the higher-end of the iPhone 12 Pro we will be seeing a higher end with 6.1 inches and a 6.7-inch mammoth phone both of with three camera sensors and a time-of-flight sensor added

And according to analysts, you can strictly purchase ones with 4G modems or ones with 5G modems. Does this mean 5G will be coming to iPhones?. And a different report from Rosenblatt claims that Apple will be releasing 6 new iPhones. And the way their structures breaks it down is there would be the first entry-level model that will be the iPhone 12 which is a 6.1 inch which would be a follow up to the iPhone 11 and then moving to a 5.4 inch iPhone 12 Pro which will be available in two models one in 5G and the other in 4G. Two separate models for that dual-lens. And then stepping up to the iPhone 12 Pro Plus which is a 6 inch model one with dual and one with triple-lens cameras and will be also in 4G and 5G models. And there would be an iPhone 12 Pro max which is the 7-inch beast which will be only available in 5G .

The line up is pretty confusing. Would it be necessary for Apple to release all these phones with just little differences that don't have to do with performance? And there have been anticipated changes for the new 2020 iPhones. The battery protection module has been claimed to be 50% smaller and thinner compared to the one in the iPhone 11 pro. We have got 5G capability coming up too. And with 5G compatibility coming to the iPhone which is very battery intensive Apple is going to have to improve their battery life.

And according to some sources the high-end iPhones, the iPhone 12 Pro Plus and Max series will be receiving an upgrade called sensor-shift image stabilization which will replace existing optically image stabilized lenses. With pricing according to the Namira analyst group, they are claiming that the cheapest iPhone you can get with 5G capability in 2020 will start at $900. Are Apple fans ready for this?!.
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