Huawei P40 to have a first of is it kind screen!!

Huawei has been struggling a little bit when it comes to the international market due to the ban placed on them by the American government, which is not much of a surprise because it is an expected outcome of the ban. This, however, has not stopped the Chinese tech giants from continuing to innovate and come up with some great products.

Rumors about their next flagship have started to leak and it looks like once again, the company is going introduce a new design that will be the first to be used in a smartphone. The P40 and P40 Pro will have some unique and interesting tech and surely be a powerful device and will be released next year.

The Display.

We have seen a couple of devices in 2019 with curved screens that split opinion but generally look very appealing to the eye. If that impressed you then get ready to be blown away aesthetically by the P40’s alleged design.

Huawei is rumored to be going with a quad curved design which will see the displayed curved not only at the edges but also at the top and bottom as well. This means you see nothing but screen when you look at the display from the front of the device. This will look amazing but what might concern people about this design is, of course, accidental touches.

This, however, should not pose much of a problem if any because Huawei has shown in the past that they can prevent accidental touches effectively with the use of software and therefore they can do the same here as well. 

These renders have a good chance of becoming the final product because we got them from reputable leakers  @OnLeaks  and  91Mobiles.

Huawei is not satisfied with the 5x optical zoom the achieved on their P30 Pro last year and is pushing it even further next year, and we are glad that they are. The P40 Pro is expected to have an unprecedented 10x optical zoom according to research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, through MacRumors. This achieved is huge but also not so surprising due to the 5x optical zoom that appeared on the last P device, which was achieved using the periscope lens technology. The P40’s camera will surely see upgrades on the software side as well to give an overall improved experience.

Based on some  leaked renders and design, the P40 Pro is going to be a great device especially when it comes to the visual aspect.

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