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The best video games of 2019 - DE JAY'S BLOG

2019 has been a crazy year for video games. At least there has been one game for everyone out there this year ranging from multiplayer games to VR games to mobile games. From multiplayer games this year from Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Apex Legends, Destiny 2 Shadow Keep, Mortal Kombat 11 and Mordau. From the multiplayer Apex Legends would be the best multiplayer game for the year. It was a nice surprise that came out from nowhere, it was EA at it's best from Respawn.

Anthem was also a stunning multiplayer game but didn't achieve the audience it expected after the long wait of hype. It was quite surprising how players didn't really enjoy this franchise from EA sports. Year after year graphics are being improved upon, in-game graphics are made real. Some games of 2019 which might fall in this category are Death Stranding: Control, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Metro Exodus and Devil May Cry 5. But in 2019 Death Stranding will be the best game with insane graphics. Death Stranding really pushed the limits of what the PlayStation hardware could handle and on even older hardware.

And coming to mobile games where people don't really find interest in unless multiplayer games like PUBG, FORTNITE, etc. Abstract video games are actually the ones making it big time in the mobile world. Games like What the Golf, Grindstone, Outlanders, Card of Darkness and Bleak Sword can be included in top-rated mobile video games of 2019. But community-wise, What the Golf could be the best or one of the best mobile games of 2019.

In reference to the best multiplayer games in 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could also be the best FPS game of 2019. Coming to adventure, 2019 has offered some of the best adventure games over the year. From Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Star, Devil May Cry 5, Control, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Resident Evil 2. And moving on to the best open-world games of 2019 we have The Division 2, Days Gone, Far Cry: New Dawn and The Outer Wilds. And not talking about just graphics and gameplay some video games actually have good music that best makes the game. From games like Death Stranding, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Cadence of High Rule. RPG games in 2019 have also come a long way of being much more exciting from The Outer World, Tom Clancy's: The Division 2, Kingdom Hearts 3. But Anthem was one of the most anticipated games of 2019 to wow fans but unfortunately, it was rather disappointing. As players didn't really enjoy the game.

It's been quite a year for games, some of which didn't reach the standard of expectations and some of which surprised fans.

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