Our best Android apps of 2019

The best Android apps of 2019 - DE JAY'S BLOG

2019 is coming to an end and it's that time where we look back at our favorite apps that have been so useful to us over the course of the year. The android market has a very large library of apps with new ones being added every day so finding the best ones out of the bunch can be a daunting task, but here are our picks for best apps this year in no particular order.
Youtube has the largest archive of streaming content which provides something for everyone. The isn’t any topic that you wouldn’t find a video on. From gaming tutorials to videos on how to lace your shoe, there’s a video for every person. Youtube also provides access to premium content which requires a subscription but is totally worth it. Youtube music also provides an expansive archive of audio content and has simple and easy to use UI, and long may that continue. Kids are not left out as well as youtube kids is a version of the app for kids which sieves out all the contents which aren’t kid-friendly.

This game has taken the smartphone gaming scene by storm with impressive graphics and gameplay. The ability to play this game with friends, due to the added element of battle royal also adds a level of excitement to it and even though it does not replace console or pc gaming, it’s the closest experience you'll get when you're away from your gaming setup.

A search on the google play store on launchers will give you a wide range of options with some really good choices but nova launcher always manages to stand out. This apps allows you to make any kind of customization you may want to undertake. From wallpapers to app draw management, nova does it all and also has regular updates as well. So if you want to make your device truly yours through customization, then this the app for you.

If you love taking pictures then Instagram has made for you. It is the best place to share the best pictures you’ve taken with the world. The app allows you to add filters to your images giving them just a little bit of spice. You can also view the pictures of others including some of your favorite celebrities on there.

It is never advisable to use just one password for everything you do because once someone gets their hands on that password, then the have access to all your information. Keeping track of different and multiple passwords too can be difficult to do, but LastPass if the solution. LastPass lets you save your login credentials as well as helping you generate rock-solid passwords for you. All Is also controlled by a master password so yeah, it’s a must-have app for security-conscious people. It can also be used on all platforms as well.

Podcast Addict is a great app that does its job to near perfection. It enables you to download and listen to your favorite podcasts with features like variable speed playback, silence skip, volume-boosting, a sleep timer, and others. It provides automatic episode updates and downloads with auto-deletion feature to help save space on your device. It is a total podcast manager and a must-have for a podcast over.

Google Assistant is arguably the best assistant you can find on any device. All you need to do is download it and enable it if it did not come with your device in the first place. Simply say “Hey Google” to activate the assistant. From there you can ask away. Just ask anything you want the assistant will take care of it.

This is a simple dictionary that tells you the meaning of English words with some additional features. It does not need the internet to run and has a simple and easy to use UI. It has additional features like bookmarks, history, and word of the day which give you a random word every day that can add to your vocabulary. The random word feature also selects a random word for you anytime you select it.

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