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The best Phones of 2019 - DE JAY'S BLOG

The year 2019 has seen so many amazing devices with each offering something impressive and provides a compelling argument of why you should go for it instead. It would be an understatement to say that choosing the best devices out of the bunch is difficult but that is why we are here. Here is our pick of the best smartphones in 2019.

Samsung’s latest flagship is all that we expect from a note and more. It has an excellent screen, good battery life, great performance and of course the S Pen. This device is not the absolute best in any department, but what makes it great is that it does everything spectacularly well.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a great device and one that does not introduce anything new but builds on what it already does well. This coupled with a great camera makes the iPhone a great device that does not disappoint.

One Plus 7 Pro.
One plus has made some great devices over the years but the one plus 7 pro is the best one yet. The standout feature of this device is the display which has a 90hz refresh rate. The smoothness and satisfaction you get from using its impressive screen are unmatched.

The only thing preventing this device from having a higher place on this list is the lack of google service because if it comes to performance, the Mate 30 does everything superbly. From the great picture and video capabilities that rival that of the iPhone 11 pro max, a bigger battery, and a curved waterfall display makes this device a real beast.

Not many devices offer great specs in a small package but that is exactly what this device does. It is the cheapest of the iPhone released this year which offers great performance and has a good camera, along with all the new features that come with iOS 13.

Huawei P30 Pro.
This device has the craziest camera on any flagship this year. It was some crazy zoom capabilities which allow for 5X optical zoom,10x hybrid zoom and 50X digital zoom. Along with a long-lasting battery and great performance makes this device one of a kind.

The S10+ is one of the best devices to look at. Samsung went with a punch hole cut out which looks better than a notch. Its AMOLED screen gives some of the best viewing experience on any smartphone and also provides top-notch performance.

Google Pixel 3a.
Google had to make some cuts in order to make their budget version of the pixel 3 possible, and they got it right. The removal of the bathtub notch makes the device look instantly better than its big brother. Using the same cameras on Pixel 3 ensured that this device takes great pictures with the help of Google’s image processing software.

At the price that the Pixel 4 starts at, comparisons with other devices in that same price range are inevitable. These comparisons may leave you feeling like Pixel 4 lacks in some areas but on its own, it is still a good device. You can take some very good pictures with it and will also be the first to receive any android update that is rolled out.

Honorable Mention: Samsung Galaxy Fold.
Samsung was one of the first companies to venture to the world foldable smartphones and even though the had a rocky start, they managed to pull through. Being a first-generation device means there are still some things to work on but the main reason for being on this list is what the fold means for the future, as this could turn out to be the start of a whole new era for smartphones.

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