The iPhone 11, Apple's Best Budget Phone - First pre-orders deliver today.

Looks like we woke up on the good side of our beds this week. The new line of iPhones is here! Even better, it appears there is a pretty "cheap" iPhone. 💥

This is none other the iPhone 11 which is being retailed starting at $699, a whopping $300 lower than its predecessor, the iPhone X. It is certainly no pushover with faster innards, an even better camera and the latest iOS as standard. It also comes in six colours; Red, Black, White, Yellow, Green and Purple. So what exactly could have inspired this...

Well, it appears Apple has had a significant drop in iPhone sales. Data from the International Data Corporation shows Apple shipping 30% fewer iPhones than last year, approximately 16 million units. While Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo all saw sales decline, no manufacturer saw near the drop Apple did. However, Huawei reported a growth of over 50%. This is not surprising considering there are Huawei devices in every price range.

So, this could probably be a strategy to permeate the mid-range sector, a space heavily dominated by Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo among others. The iPhone 11 is the cheapest iPhone in years and could draw new users who expected a price tag of at least $999. It is definitely not the most powerful device out there, but it comes with a top tier camera.

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are now available to order on Apple and at most carrier partners. The first preorders are due to deliver on September 20. You can alternatively buy from a retailer: Jumia or Amazon.

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