The Mate 30 Pro has been launched - Everything you need to know

The Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro has been officially launched and comes with some insane features no one expected and in my opinion, makes it the best and most interesting device at the moment. Let take a look at some of these features.

Design And Colour Options

The two devices look absolutely amazing and look much better than what we saw in the renders. It goes from a mat finish from the bottom to a shiny finish at the top to prevent a lot of fingerprints from getting unto the phone. The circular camera at the back is called a Halo Ring design and looks very appealing to the eye. They are available in colours such as cosmic purple, black, silver, emerald green, vegan leather orange and vegan leather green with latter two having leather at the back meaning no fingerprints.


There is a stunning waterfall display on the Mate 30 pro which Huawei is calling a Horizon display that has an 88-degree curve around the sides. This display gives the device zero side bezels making it very enjoyable for media consumption. It has a notch at the top which is necessary due to the sensors placed there. The Mate 30 though without a waterfall display has a bigger screen at 6.62” to the Mate 30 pro’s 6.53”, with a cinematic color screen and an anti-blue light technology which reduces harmful blue light.The notch houses a selfie camera, 3D sensors and a gesture sensor to help you control the phone through air gestures, something similar to what Google has done with Project Soli. The device also has under-screen sound technology but the quality of the actual sound is yet to be seen. It also comes with no bottoms at the sides of the Mate 30 pro due to the waterfall display so to make the volume slider appear you need to squeeze or double-tap the side, from there you can slide up or down to change the volume which is a unique and cool feature. The same is done when taking pictures as well and can be done at either side of the device.


Everything we knew about the battery due to leaks has been confirmed with the device having 40w wired fast charging and 27w fast wireless charging.


The camera on the Mate 30 Pro is made up of 40mp main camera,40mp ultra-wide and 8mp for the telephoto and zoom lenses. It has pro bokeh effect where the background of a video is blurred out, as well as optical stabilization for the main and zoom lenses. You can take 4k video up to 60fps with full hdr support. The highlight of the launch is undoubtedly the insane slow-motion capabilities of the device. You can get up to 7680 fps slow-motion video on the Mate 30 pro, and that’s just wickedly insane. It is so far ahead of anything any company has given us in this department.


Huawei’s Emui 10 comes with full dark mode with and increase to smoothness and responsiveness. More on that in the coming weeks.

With such a powerful camera, you could justify getting Huawei's Mate 30 Pro over a dedicated camera and you would be very satisfied.

Sidenote: As you might already know this devices does not ship with Google services due to the  US ban but if you really need to use the Google Play Store and other services, here's a simple guide
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