#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #40 (2019)

#Trending10 - Top 10 tech news / trends of the week #40 (2019) - DE JAY'S BLOG

Welcome to another edition of this exclusive. Last week was packed with tech news and trends, this week has been no different. One of the major highlights was the Microsoft keynote which introduced some cool devices. Here's what we've got in this week's report...

1. How to check the graphics card your PC runs on

This post will help anyone experiencing any odd visual behaviour to understand and resolve the problem. Knowing your graphics card is recommended, Read more.

2. Windows 10X leaked: a new OS for dual-screen devices

This was one of the biggest leaks prior to the Microsoft Surface event. It didn't take long to find out for ourselves what the new dual-screen devices were all about. To find out where and how the leak came about, click to read more.

3.Everything about Microsoft's Surface Event 2019: major announcements & headlines

In case you missed the event, this a summary of all the new devices that were announced including other important updates. Read more.

...enjoy the Microsoft Surface-family expressions!

4. The new Surface Laptop 3 will be supported by USB-C

Microsoft announced Surface Laptop 3 and it looks like Microsoft has made some changes to the Laptop's design in a few ways. The major one is the most awaited USB-C port so you can plug multiple peripherals and chargers. Read more.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 announced with USB Type-C Port, Starts at GH₵ 4,025 (approx.)

The internals of the notebook have been upgraded and comes with interesting accessories. Other products, including the Surface Go, have already integrated USB-C, but Microsoft waited for the longest with its Surface Pro. The USB-C port takes the place of the Mini DisplayPort found on previous models, which allowed Microsoft to stick with its proprietary Surface Connector on the Surface Pro 7. Read more.

6. A new AirPods competitor - Meet the new Surface Earbuds by Microsoft!

Microsoft claims the Surface Earbuds have “all-day comfort” — they make contact with your ear in two places — and, with the included carrying case, offer up to 24 hours of battery life. As with many other wireless earbuds, they use tap and swipe gestures to control your music or other audio. They also feature standard headphone controls, like skipping songs by tapping on the sides. But they also have tight Office integration, surprisingly, like being able to advance slides in PowerPoint. Read more.

7. Take a look at the new Windows 10X! - will run on the Surface Neo

Microsoft has officially announced the Windows 10X which is specifically for dual-screen devices. It can seamlessly let you move your keyboard around on top of its glass and reflow apps around it to let you keep on working. Will it run on a traditional Windows desktop software and not restricted to apps from the Windows store? That is some of the limitations with Windows 10 S at the moment and looks like the company will be dodging them. Read more.

8. The best low budget laptops for students

It's raining laptops! Confused about what to look out for when buying your new laptop, read our how to choose your next laptop post. It is difficult for students to pick out laptops from all the options available out there. Here is a curated list of the best budget laptops that you can buy. If you are into games, this list is good for you too. Whatever your needs are, this is the post for you. Read more.

9. Top 5 New FIFA 20 skill moves every FIFA player should know

FIFA 20 has a lot of enjoyable parts and skill move is of the most extremely useful techniques. If you know how to use them, you can skip past defenders and more importantly, show off. Here's a list of some skills you can use to when playing the game. Read more.

For the 10th, check out one of our highly rated posts.

10. How iOS 13 can fix your iPhone's battery life

We are in the age where smartphone battery lifespan is short as a result of demanding apps. Almost all smartphones nowadays have significant battery performance issues. Find out how iOS 13 will fix that for you here.

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