Windows 10X leaked: a new OS for dual-screen devices

The Surface announcement is only 24 hours away, and this is with no doubt highly anticipated for Microsoft and users all around the world. Some leaks of how the new Surface products will look like - including the Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop, the biggest leak so far is the Windows 10X which is built for dual-screen devices. One of the Surface products which codenamed "Centaurus" will run this OS.

The leak came from a tweet from Evan Blass. Blass' account is private, so many users won't be able to see the tweet, but as reported by The Verge, Windows 10X has been previously referred to as Windows Lite. The tweet had no images of the software, it only mentioned that the 10X will run on dual and folding-screened devices. In summary, the 10X may depend on virtualization to run most of its major apps over the internet instead of running them locally of hardware.

What to expect from tomorrow's event

This is typical of Microsoft as we are to expect new products and refreshes to the existing models. We will know what the event is about tomorrow.

When and where?

The event will take place on October 2 (that's tomorrow) in New York.  In case you can't make it, you can watch the entire event live here. The event starts at ET. Click here to convert to your local time.

What to expect...

As  I already said, you can expect new Surface devices and other interesting updates. Here's a list of the devices to expect.
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 - In terms of new features, there won’t be much changed on this new model, as most of the upgrades will happen under the hood, with new-generation hardware obviously expected.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - Rumor had it that Microsoft might launch two different versions, one of which would have featured a more dramatic overhaul, but this scenario is less likely.
  • Microsoft Surface ARM - This is part of Microsoft’s Windows 10 on ARM push, so it’s more of an experiment for the company. This device will excel in terms of battery life and possibly be more affordable than the standard Surface version.
  • Microsoft Surface dual-screen - To many, this is one of the most anticipated product unveilings, although very little is known about it at this point.

In addition, there could be some refinements for the Surface Pen and other accessories. Watch this space for the highlights of this event.
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