How to check the graphics card your PC runs on

Knowing your graphics card is recommended and helps you fix any odd visual behaviours when running a  diagnostic. The simplest way is to run the DirectXDiagnostic Tool:

1. Click the Start or press the Windows key on the keyboard

2. Type run and open
Alternatively, you can press the Windows Key+R to open the "Run" feature

2. Type "dxdiag" in the window (without the quotes).This will open the Dxdiag window

3. Locate the 'Display tab' and click

4. Information about your graphics card is shown in the "Device" section. Other details like the name of the card and the video memory it has are also present.

This post will help anyone experiencing any odd visual behaviour to understand and resolve the problem.

Editor's comment: This won't work for laptop. A laptop with a dedicated graphics card often switches between integrated graphics and a dedicated card.
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