Made-By-Google Event 2019 - Everything that was announced

Google announced its new flagship smartphone with other surprises. There were lots of expectations from today's event. You can check out what Google has for us here. Or check out a recap of the event here if you missed it.


The event confirmed the details that have been leaking for some weeks now. Here's a summary of the event.

1. Google unveils Pixelbook Go, a cheaper Pixelbook with 12 hours of battery life

We heard about its more affordable and redesigned Chromebook, the Pixelbook Go, 
starting at $649.

2. The Pixel 4 finally arrives

It's official: Google has formally announced the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

3. The new voice recorder app 

Bye-bye to iPhones? The new recorder can perform on-device live transcriptions which you can search. The recorder app can work without internet as well. Voice recording is about to get a little easier with Google's Pixel 4 phone with this in-built app.

4. We have a sneak peek on the New Pixel buds

A true wireless Bluetooth device which is smaller with adaptive sounds. The Pixel Buds would be available spring of next year at 179$.

5. An update on the Stadia

Google's stadia will be available on Nov 19.

6. Google Relaunches WIFi Brand

Google WiFi was launched three years ago. Since its launch, it has become the best selling mesh WiFi in the world. It has gotten better over time with 15 automatic software updates.  However, at this year's Google  Event, it relaunched and upgraded its WiFI brand with the Nest WiFi. It consists of two devices: the Nest Wifi router and Nest WiFi point.
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