Google's new wireless earphones: The Pixel Buds

Google just announced its new line of products. Of course, it had to come out with new wireless headphones. This is in the form of the Pixel Buds.
Google Pixel Buds
Pixel Buds

As they said it comes with pretty much custom everything. Here are some of its notable feature:

  • The Pixel Buds are light and most of it fits into the ear. 
    Google Pixel Buds
  • You're given hands-free access to the Google Assistant.
  •   Long-range Bluetooth connection. Indoors, they stay connected up to three rooms away. Outdoors they will stay connected up to one football field.
  • Outstanding battery life. 5 hours with one charge and 24 hours with the wireless charging case.
    Google Pixel Buds: Battery Life
    Battery Duration: Pixel Buds

    Google Pixel Buds: Battery Life with Case
    Battery Duration with Wireless Case
  • They have a vent called the Spatial Vent to allow sound from the environment.
    Google Pixel Buds: Spatial Vent
    Pixel Buds: Spatial Vent
  • Adaptive sound that automatically increases or decreases the volume in different environments.
  •  Beam-forming mics that help detect speech through the jaw bone. This reduces noise in interactions like phone calls.
    Google Pixel Buds: Beam Forming Mics

The Pixel Buds would be available spring of next year at 179$
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