Google Stadia: All you need is a screen and a controller


As of today 15th of October 2019 live from New York City, Google will officially announce its anticipated smartphone Pixel 4, will this be the only thing Google has for its fans? No, there were a lot of surprises coming along with their flagship smartphone. Some few minutes into the stream Google announced: "Google Stadia" to be officially released on September 19th.
With Stadia, Google's next-generation cloud gaming platform can be played on any screen. You would be able to play games where ever you want, your Tv, laptop, and even your Pixel. Stadia in a long time wants to get rid of updating new bulky consoles every few years.

Stadia also wants to reduce the stress of players carrying bulky consoles around making it easy to just get a controller and a controller and any player can just jump into any game anywhere.
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