Google Relaunches WiFi Brand: Google Nest!

Google Relaunches WIFi Brand: Google Nest!
Google WiFi was launched three years ago. Since its launch, it has become the best selling mesh WiFi in the world. It has gotten better over time with 15 automatic software updates. However, at this year's Google  Event, it relaunched and upgraded its WiFI brand with the Nest WiFi. It consists of two devices: the Nest Wifi router and Nest WiFi point.

The router plugs into your modem and creates a powerful home network. While the WiFi Point expands your coverage. Collaboratively, they create a single stong WiFi connection in your home.
Improvements in hardware and software offer 2X the speed and up to 25% better coverage.

These devices are being released in colours that are household-friendly.

Google Nest WiFi

Setup is made really simple with the Google Home App. With external support, you could interact with your home devices without the need for a hub.

Google Assistant has also been added to the Nest WiFi point. This would provide features like playing music, providing answers to questions and allowing you to control smart devices with your voice.
Google Nest WiFi: Prices and Release Date
Prices and Release Date

The new WiFi setup would be available on November 4th for purchase.

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